Where does this idea come from?

You may have heard about all these sites selling "pixels" for advertisement? All these sites are clones of The Million Dollar Homepage, the original site created by Alex Tew. His site is really successful.
The idea with MapShares is to come up with something more innovative. Instead of "pixels", MapShares lets you acquire no less than... a piece of Earth!
We have been playing with Google Maps for a while, and we thought it would be cool to transpose the "million dollar" idea to a map. Now, let us know what you think about this idea... Isn't it great?

Why place ads on MapShares?

MapShares is a unique opportunity.
The Million Dollar Homepage experiment shows that a genuine idea for advertising can be successful as it generates a lot of buzz and word of mouth. MapShares proposes to push the experiment a bit further. It does not compare to all the clones that you can find all over the web. MapShares is original, and this is precisely why it will be successful. If you are among the firsts to choose the best emplacement for your ads, you will get more exposure than those who come late to the party. Your image, your link and your text could potentially be seen by millions of visitors. First come, first served!

How much does it cost?

We have a special price for the opening of the site: $20 only per cell!
This is one more reason to choose MapShares.

How can I pay?

Once your request is accepted, you will be able to pay through Paypal, using your Paypal account or your credit card, or through wire transfer.
It's really quick and a no-brainer.

How long will my ads be visible?

The goal is to keep this site running as long as possible. We will do our best to maintain the site online for several years.
Every paid advertisement will be displayed as long as the site is online.

What are the specifications for my images?

Images should be png, gif, or jpeg files. The size of each image should not be more than 320x200 pixels. The file size should not be more than 300KB. Animated images are not accepted.

Let me know some more rules!

  • You cannot change the image or link or text once you have submitted them.
  • If your image and link and text are accepted and published on the site, you cannot get a refund.
  • No obscene/offensive/adult images/links/text will be accepted. We reserve the right to reject your data for any reason. We have the last word!
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